Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Ham Estate Speaks Out

In April 2007, the Official Pete Ham website was launched to celebrate what would have been Pete's 60th birthday. Memories, thoughts and comments are offered by Tony and Anne Herriott, and Pete's daughter, Petera. http://www.peteham.net/

Although the reader will notice that the website is currently rather spartan, the comments do reveal some of the innermost thoughts of those with a special connection with Pete Ham. Petera, who never knew her biological father, mentions her sadness with his absence. Tony, Petera's adoptive father, offers a touching poem about his care for her.

But it is in regards to Anne's comments that compelled me to write a quick article on this. The reader will notice that Anne (as well as Petera and Tony) have no regrets about how the Badfinger book came out. Anne's comments about an "ex-bandmate" of Pete's cannot be misconstrued, and is thoroughly compatible with her comments and sentiments that were expressed more than 10 years ago in that publication. All three personally thank Dan Matovina, the author of the book.

So what does this all mean? It means what has consistently transpired throughout the years since the book was first published: People interviewed for the book stand by what they said in it. It means the author did not twist their words or intentions, which has been one of the charges periodically made by the Mollands.

I hope to dig up some more supporting comments in the coming months.