Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Free-Thinking Web Sites"
I was sorry to read the recent comments by the Web Ring webhost about Badfinger "blogs." In his statements he said: "...web pages and/or blogs began to appear that had very strong opinions that fell out of the main stream - some assaulted the senses when reading and fans who voiced their opinion about what was being said were/are attacked." I believe there are only two Badfinger-oriented blogs out there right now, and the other hasn't been in operation for some two years. So I take this as criticism of my site. In another statement, he said: "There are only a few free-thinking Badfinger web sites left..." which I assume excludes mine (based on his blog statement).

The Web Ring and Neil's site had/has no public forum, and Brando's site no longer has a public forum. Both the Yahoo board and Brennan's board have banned people. I, however, not only provide a public forum but have never banned anyone from my site. Anyone can post, by either using the anonymous function, using a pseudonym, or using their actual name. Only Morten Vindberg supplies a similar format. There have been a couple - NOTE: only a couple of comments - that I refused to publish due to their content, but the posters are always welcome to return and phrase themselves more presentably. And even my links section has always been fair. When people have asked me how to get to the Yahoo site, I pointed them to the Web Ring links section. I refused to link directly to Yahoo initially because of some earlier bad exchanges between its host and myself. I was considering adding the link late last year, but because of recent legal issues it's best that I don't right now.

When I first launched my blog, the comments were completely open. I had to delete a few spams, but otherwise anyone could instantly post here. Unfortunately, times have changed since Brando and Randy operated completely unmoderated boards so I am having to review posts before they go up. I've noticed this is how most boards operate these days, and it is what I must do also.

Coincidentally, of the recently demised Neil site, I was saddened to see Cheryl's book "corrections" disappear. I would very much have liked to comment on these so I am inviting her here now. Cheryl, if you'd like, I will put your entire section up on my blog. It intrigued me so much that I saved it all, and I had some questions for you on parts of it. Of course, your section will be prone to discussion and comment from me, and you may respond to those responses as well. It's up to you.

But getting back to criticism of my blog, what can I say? I speak my mind and that may offend some people. I try not to be rude, but when people are rude with me I respond in kind. If I am taking a position contrary to what Joey's fans hold, it is dismissive (not to mention hypocritical) to say there is no free thought here. My format allows more free thought than the critics themselves provide.