Monday, October 17, 2011

Joey Author Gets Defensive

As I expected, the author of Joey’s book (what I like to call Badfinger and Beyond Credibility) is attacking the character of people who are criticizing his work. For a person who is incessantly critical of “Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger”, he is certainly one thin-skinned dude when his own product is critiqued. I found the short exchange on between he and Jace Lee Dakota fairly amusing. Here are a few interesting tidbits on the author’s end:

“Throughout the time spent writing this book I did plenty of fact checking, and talked to many many musicians who worked with Joey and came to the conclusion that what I wrote/printed in this book is correct.”

This isn’t what he claimed in the book. There he claims he simply took Joey’s word on everything. Why is he now changing his story? And who are these unnamed musicians? And what inside knowledge do these “musicians” have regarding Badfinger’s politics? Those are all rhetorical questions, of course, because there are no legitimate answers.

Oh, and this is hilarious:

“Remember, harsh words spoken in anger have no lasting worth except to the fools who cherish their own narcissism.”

This nonsense is expressed like it’s some gem from Confucius, where actually it’s Cimino quoting himself (he put this sentence up on his website with himself as the source). I would consider anyone who quotes himself as the epitome of a narcissist, wouldn’t you? Hey, I just created a really cool saying, too: “He who interviews himself interviews a fool”. You can check the author’s website for the interview.

“You seem to have an axe to grind and yet hide behind a false name.”

The Molland camp makes this claim quite often … maybe a little too often. What is their obsession with “false names”? Guilt perhaps? Or maybe they are simply incredulous that they are wildly outnumbered by people who can see through them? And why do they feel anyone who refuses to believe Joey’s baloney must have an axe to grind? Joey never tied my shoelaces together so I have no axe to grind with him – or with this Cimino guy either. But they are still being publicly deceitful and need to be called out on it. It just cooks my innards when dummies think they are being clever.

At any rate, the author is a hypocrite on this subject (just like Kathie Molland and Randy Justesen were before him, both of whom were caught using pseudonyms in spite of their denials). One of the handful of negative reviews on Amazon for the “Without You” book was written by Cimino, although he uses the name “a customer” there. It is the exact same review he proudly touted as his own and displayed on his website from the same era – all the way down to his mistaken death date/year for Pete Ham.

I feel a little guilty taking this Cimino guy to task, but he is such a boastful clown. He really should write an autobiography next, where he can interview and quote himself throughout and it won’t look so damn creepy. Or should I say narcissistic?


ßill said...

Hey Morten! Great review - and thanks for the mention!

For everyone else, Morten Vindberg (of whom I proudly link to his "Wish You Were Here" Badfinger website on my sidebar) has further taken this Joey book to task on the Amazon website. He even mentions my humble blog as adding some inspiration, which I appreciate.

Morten notes that a book author who changes his questions after an interviewee has already answered, is basically putting words in their mouths. The context has changed when the question is changed, and therefore answer then changes. In short, Cimino tinkered with Joey's answers by manipulating the questions afterwards. This much we know for certain.

What we don't know is if Cimino directly altered Joey's quotes (aside from slight trimming that is in evidence). If he was willing to play fast and loose with his information, then it certainly seems plausible.

ßill said...

For anyone interested, Cimino's comments have all disappeared from the Dakota review, and now long-time Joey fan Jose Nieves has appeared on the Amazon scene. Gee, is that a coincidence or what?

Actually, it's probably a good tactic for them since Cimino keeps putting his foot in his mouth. I'm not sure Nieves is much better (another paranoid who sees 'false names' everywhere) but he's not the author so he's allowed to be a dimwit.

ßill said...

I simply have to respond to this garbage posted elsewhere by Joey's fan Jose Nieves:

"Well, here we have Jace Lee Dakota (another false ID from Matovina?) pretending to be someone else as he has us accustomed to in other forums. It's interesting that throughout all the years of posts in different web venus related to Badfinger, Jace Lee Dakota has never appeared before. Anyway, that is the charade to avoid a point - counter point discussion of the glaring omissions and weakness of his book that has been discredited by many."

Now the dissection.

I have never seen evidence anywhere that Matovina has ever posted using a pseudonym. My guess is he has, as most people have, but this is an assumption and not a proven fact. Anyone familiar with Matovina's prose could easily see this Dakota person isn't him. In fact, the only evidence I have ever seen of pseudonyms in the Badfinger world has been with the Molland camp of groupies - including Kathie Molland.

As far as "Jace Lee Dakota" never appearing before on other Badfinger forums, this is also an assumption. Does Nieves remember every single person who has ever posted on a Badfinger forum? I certainly don't, and I used to save and analyze guestbooks posts. Maybe he/she posted only as "Lee" before (I do recall that name). I can't even remember who all posted on my own blog, before I had to shut down comments due to a persistent troll a couple years ago. And even if Dakota hasn't posted anywhere before, so what?

As far as a pseudonym being used to avoid a point/counterpoint discussion, that is also lame. Many people came to my blog with obvious pseudonyms and were able to conduct debates with me. Perhaps those people just didn't want to be harrassed by exposing their real names - just as Dakota's name was being researched by Cimino. I try to keep my identity close-to-the-vest for this same reason.

Lastly, Nieves claims the "Without You" book was "discredited by many." What utter hogwash. Joey's handful of groupies complained about it but that was essentially it. All the proper press outlets reviewed it glowingly, and it was even rated the Second Best Rock Biography by rock journalists for the year it was published.

If Nieves is so concerned about point/counterpoint discussion, then why hasn't he ever participated in any? He's been around for several years now and all he does is snipe from the sidelines. I had 4 viewings of my blog from Puerto Rico on Sunday (something quite rare) and the next day Nieves is posting on Amazon? He knows where I am, obviously, but he'll avoid a point/counterpoint with me. He's either a coward or a hypocrite, or both.