Wednesday, December 05, 2012


 Keyhole Street: Demos 1966-67                                       

I am going to temporarily divert from the usual topic here, which is focusing on Badfinger in print, to help promote a worthwhile Badfinger-related music project.

An official release of Pete Ham demo/solo material is again in the works. This will be the first release of such material since the 1990s, when "7 Park Avenue" and "Golders Green" were released in 1997 and 1999 respectively. This retrospect titled "Keyhole Street: Demos 1966-67" is scheduled for release early next year. The project was recently announced by Ham's daughter, Petera:

"My father was Pete Ham of Badfinger. He recorded many demos in his lifetime. I am so grateful to PledgeMusic for allowing me to share a set of his demos with you. Any support you can give to this project is very much appreciated.

"I was born just after he died, but my mother, his friends and loved ones have all told me of what a wonderful, kind, gentle and trustworthy man he was. As we all know, that can be heard in his music. These early demos are from 1966-67, many of which were recorded when he was still a teenager and showcase his natural talent and all of the sides of his personality.

"I think you’re all really going to enjoy these songs. We are offering many other fun and exclusive items for you – the dedicated fans. Please spread the word about my father. He deserves a chance to be heard. He was a good man. And thank you again – from the bottom of my heart."
Petera Ham

For information on how you can pre-order this double CD set, please visit:

For information on other activities coming up, including a dedication to Ham in his hometown of Swansea, Wales, please visit:

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